O2 Sensor Splicing

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Jan 2 13:35:09 EST 2003

At 9:19 AM -0800 1/2/03, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>I remember a while ago people where talking about the prefered method of
>attaching a universal o2 sensor was via splicing, not soldering.  Does
>anybody remember this, and remeber also why this was the case.
>I remembered something about conductivity being alterd by solder, and also
>something about the o2 possibly using air drawn from up the wire as a
>reference in the calculations.
>Anybody have any ideas or recollections on this?

I assume you mean _crimping_, as opposed to soldering (they  both are
forms of splicing).

My recollection is about a claim that _crimping_ is traditionally
preferred over soldering. This is because soldering was said to cause
greater stiffness in the spliced junction so that wire breakage is
more likely occur over time (from work-hardening near the joint when
the wires are repeatedly flexed). I doubt that this is a significant
issue for our oxy sensor wiring, but I crimped mine, anyway.


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