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Paul R. Luevano paul at clarity.net
Fri Jan 3 11:30:41 EST 2003

From: "Dave D" <mstrblastr at attbi.com>
> I have those on our car and like them as well--car is silent on new
> asphalt--good wet or dry.
> From: "Sullivan, Alan" <alan.sullivan at lmco.com>
> > Let me second Dereks' positive endorsement of the Bridgestone RE 950's.
> > I've got 20,000 miles on my tires.  They are quiet, wearing evenly and
> > handle very well (wet and dry).  I was even able to drag myself out of a
> > snowy ditch with only the LF tire on semi-clean pavement.  In short,
> they're
> > the best moderately priced all-season tires I've used.

I'll add in a "me too".  Had them on the car for about a year and 12K miles and
are working great.  Fantastic in the dry/wet, and "good" in the snow.  I live at
the top of a pretty steep little hill that does not get plowed that often, and
we end up with packed powder/ice long after the rest of the roads are dry.
Never had a problem (seen many a cab/delivery truck/PLOW get stuck in front of
my house).  :)

Picking up the car tonight after the wheel bearing issue.  Just as a quick
follow-up, I also, as correctly hypothesized by a few here, took out the hub by
driving on it for so long, but I figure that was a small price for getting
home.  Oh, and yes, i did end up driving it the last 10 miles to the shop on
Monday.  :)

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