feedback (very lonnnng) on the heater flap feedback-potentiometer

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Fri Jan 3 15:04:07 EST 2003

At 11:05 AM -0800 1/3/03, Arun Rao wrote:
>By the way, I tried the same treatment (spraying with questionable
>chemical from Radio Shack) with limited success.  Seems a little
>better, but still problematic.
>But did I spray the correct contacts?  I was too lazy to look at the
>Bentley, but the ones I did were under the plastic cover, near the
>freon reservoir on the  passenger side. (The instructions on Chris
>Miller's page say they're on the driver side).

Arun, no you didn't get the correct one, which is over on the
driver's side. It's a wide, black, 5-pin connector located near the
edge of the firewall lip. You can access it without completely
removing the cover (just detach  the complete forward edge--or at
least 50%--of the cover, and prop it open with something).

>If it's just a noisy pot, it might be possible to just disassemble
>and clean, or perhaps bend the wiper a little

That's what I was hoping, but you know Audi/Bosch have a way of
making things somewhat "unfixable".

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