feedback (very lonnnng) on the heater flap feedback-potentiometer

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jan 3 16:05:25 EST 2003

At 1:20 PM -0500 1/3/03, Phil Rose wrote:
>So in the meantime (before
>actual fixing/replacement is possible) how best to temporarily work
>around the problem?

Possibly Caig's Cailube MCL(Moving Contact Lubricant.)  Specifically
designed for sliding contacts/potentiometers.  I fixed up a 944
heater flap motor/pot combo to like new by cleaning up wiper arms and
circuit/resistive paths- there was just a lot of crap from coolant,
grease, etc.

If I can get my hands on a bad one, I'd be happy to investigate if
the same repair is possible on the Audi unit...or how accessible is
it?  I do need to get into that area at some point to figure out why
the car sounds like it's about to take off when the blower is
mid-speed or higher...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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