feedback (very lonnnng) on the heater flap feedback-potentiometer

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Sat Jan 4 13:12:25 EST 2003

I have. If by box,  you mean heater box, the answer is no. The motor is
under a cover on the drivers side of the box. Here is one source.

Gary Martin
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> At 01:20 PM 01/03/2003 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
> >So, here's one for Bernie (but do you ever need the heater in
> >Nevada?)--If it's just a dirty potentiometer contact causing of the
> >problem, I wonder if it can be accessed for cleaning as an
> >alternative to replacing the motor assembly? I suspect not and that
> >I'll be needing a new motor.  Anyone BTDT (clean the potentiometer)?
> >Or replace only the potentiometer?
> Has anyone replaced the motor assembly?  Does this require removing the
> box?  Where is the motor available?  What's its cost?
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