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Sat Jan 4 19:01:11 EST 2003

Paul R. Luevano paul at clarity.net  wrote:
> So, I just got my car back from the shop after the bearing fiasco.  Bearing and
> hub replaced, and I also had them do the timing belt/water pump/idler.  I got
> the car back last night.  This am, while shoveling the 10" of snow we got, I
> noticed a lot of green snow under the car.  Further investigation revealed a
> broken upper radiator neck.  Arrrrgh.
> So, is this a repairable item?  It broke off about 3/4" from the end, just the
> little raised bit.  I got it JBWelding right now, but i have no idea if that
> will hold. I plan on just trying to reattach, moving the hose clamp to the
> remaining bit of the neck. Any thoughts?
> The next question is, you guys think this is just a coincidence that it was just
> in the shop?  It was fine before that.  Someone leaned on it wrong?  Think i
> have any chance of getting them to repair it?

Your coolant is green?!  I thought that's the wrong stuff for Audi's.

I believe there is a kit offered from the dealer that is supposed to repair a broken neck.  I
think it has a pipe section, perhaps metal, that slides into the remaining portion and is glued
on.  I have no experience with it, and I think some say it works and others say it doesn't.
You might be able to make some sort of a homemade version of it.

It's possible that the shop leaned on it or tugged on it, and it ended up cracking.  I would at
least bring it up.


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