Anything special about Pentosin hoses?

Dave Haupt quattrodave at
Sun Jan 5 11:11:55 EST 2003

Over our forced break here, I did a bit of underhood
maintenance on the 200Q.  I noticed that the hose
going from the Pentosin reservoir straight downward
(to the bomb?) has "drizzles" along it.  It's not just
moist, it looks as if fluid is running down it slowly.
 The other small hose attached to the base appears
similar.  I assumed loose clamps, so I removed them,
expecting to replace them.  But the hose ends look
pretty bad - lots of cracks.  So I need to replace
them.  But I'm guessing that I can't just replace with
vacuum-style rubber hoses.  I can, of course, get
fuel-rated hoses, that will tolerate gasoline - but
will that work for Pentosin?  I'm hoping this is not a
dealer-only item; they are low-pressure straight
hoses, after all.  I just had the high pressure hose
to the rack replaced (along with the rack).

Thanks to the list for all the help over the years.


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