HeatFlap Motor (aka: A/C Servo)

Gary Anderson wanemardo at attbi.com
Sun Jan 5 20:28:33 EST 2003

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Hey guys,
Thought I would drop this note to the list in response to Phil's original n=
ote ("feedback, very lonnnng.....") describing his heat/cold temperature pr=
For my situation, I am just going to replace the flap motor with a new one,=
 should be good for as long as I own this 200 (unless it gets totaled like =
the last one!).

It's not working, so will be replacing it, for the ease and convenience.
FWIW, I replaced the A/C Programmer vacuum control module behind the glove =
box (from Blau) and cured the air delivery to the proper outlet(s) problem,=
 did nothing for the too hot/cold operation though.  Am hoping the new heat=
flap motor will solve the too hot/cold problem.

Scott Mo has the flap motor in stock.  Bosch P/N # 0 132 801 003
Copied his reply:
These are in stock at my warehouse.
These servos may be suffering from a similar problem the older servos had, =
where the potentiometer gets worn and the servo arm loses track where it is.
These servos are available through my suppliers for $58.70, List price is $=

You can contact Scott @ 503-244-AUDI  or  sjmauto at attbi.com,   if you want =
to get one through him.

HTH, Gary Anderson in Sammamish


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