Nissens Radiator for 200q20v

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Jan 6 20:29:45 EST 2003

There finally is some information about availability/pricing on the Nissens
all-metal radiator for our cars.

The source is Scott Mockry of  fame.   He
got one from his suppliers and checked it out si he could provide the
following info:

                     **********************      ***********************

I took a look at the Nissens 60437 radiator, and it is indeed an all metal
version for the 20V.

Talked to my source and they indicated that the all metal radiators and
heater cores have a 5% higher warranty return rate, when compared to the
plastic/aluminum versions,  but that the Nissens brand is not singled out
as being any worse, as they carry both types of radiators/cores and there
are several brands of all metal radiators.

The Nissen rad is available for $225 plus shipping.

At 06:45 AM 1/4/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I had about a dozen folks on a list who expressed interest in the Nissens
>product if it is indeed all metal.  I still have all the addresses, so let
>me know what you find out (and, if possible, a price), and I'll e-mail 'em
>all to determine current actual interest.
>I know a couple have posted since that list developed that their radiator
>deteriorated to the point they had to go ahead with a radiator replacement.
>And someone (was it you?) had reported that the return rate on Nissens
>products was high enough to make one wonder about their durability.  Any
>data on that issue?
>Regards, Kneale

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