Blue smoke when starting after a run

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Tue Jan 7 13:05:12 EST 2003

This is a classic description of a 200-20V that is slightly over filled with
oil.   I had this happen a couple of times during the life of my car and can
be fixed by removing some of the oil till the level is just below the full
line.  The condition seems to be aggravated if you run the car hard or
corner hard before shutting the engine down.  Your description of your
problem makes me almost 100% sure that this is your problem.

Jeff Bernstein
Canton, Ohio
'91 200-20V

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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 11:12:32 -0500
Subject: Blue smoke when starting after a run.
From: RGuzz <rguzz at>
To: Audi 200 20v Mailing List <200q20v at>

Blue smoke for a few seconds after a run when starting, clearing
quickly, but impressive. Doesn't happen when cold, as far as I can tell.
Never noticed before. Turbo with 60k miles? No oil consumption overall
at 5k changes, unless it's all just happening. Rebuilt engine with 60k
miles. Currently has Mobil One, 10w-30 oil in it,  which is fresh. This
seems like a new development. Enough smoking to make you gasp, takes 30
seconds to clear.

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