Blue smoke when starting after a run

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Tue Jan 7 13:51:11 EST 2003

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I agree with Jeff's assessment.  Not long ago, our local Walmart opted to
stock the 5 quart containers of Mobil 1.  At $17 each, they were considerably
less expensive than the quart bottles.  My last oil change, I dropped the
oil, changed the filter, and put in one full container of the oil.  I ran it
for a few minutes and then checked the level.  To my surprise, it indicated
about 1/8 inch above the full mark on the stick.  Normally, 5 of the 1 quart
containers would just bring it up to the top mark.

Following this oil change, I would, on occasion, experience a huge plume of
smoke upon startup in the morning.  It would clear in about 20 or 30 seconds,
but not before fogging a significant portion of the neighborhood.  My engine
has slightly over 150k on it, but has no history of oil usage (1/2 quart
between 5k oil changes) or smoking.  Since the two events seemed to coincide,
I drained the oil down to the top mark.  The smoke has not since reappeared.

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