Car Dying Between Shifts

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Wed Jan 8 22:46:17 EST 2003

You are talking about the temp sensor that has like 4 wires or so going
to it?
Or the air temp??

no I have not .....I will try i say more heads come to
a better conclusion :)


Richard Tanimura wrote:

>Did you consider the temp sensor for the motor? If it "thinks" the motor is
>warmer than it is, it will feed less fuel during idle or coasting.
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>Hey everyone...
>Quick question that I have for you all that might of had this problem.
>When driving and you give the car lets say from 2nd gear some gas/and
>10psi of boost of little bit less and you take the car out of gear and
>leave it out of gear like if you are gonna coast it dies.
>Sometimes it does not and sometimes it does...this is pretty much in any
>gear if you do it in....
>I have already replaced the idle stabilizer..the by pass valve and check
>all the vacum lines..
>I also adjusted the little piston type slow down idle at the throttle body.
>Any ideas???
>Thanx in advance....
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