Rear wiper question on 20V Avant

Randy McCall redrandy at
Thu Jan 9 09:32:31 EST 2003

My rear wiper has not worked since buying the car, and I am in the process
of isolating the problem.  Can anyone tell me if the motor (when
disconnected) should show approximately 9k ohms and 11k ohms between ground
wire and the two hot wires?  I believe the motor is fine, but I'm nervous
about hooking up 12V source to isolated wiper motor given the diode between
hot wires (diode tests good and reads infinite ohms one way only).

Also, Bentley shows relay # 12 behind the drivers knee panel, but the label
on the panel was somewhat different.  The # 12 slot had two half height
relays, both # 443 937 105.  Anyone know if these are in fact the relays for
the rear wiper motor (spray nozzle works fine once fuse #18 was put back in


Randy McCall (lurking in digest mode)
'91 20V TQA

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