AC Controller problems

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jan 9 13:27:05 EST 2003

At 10:03 AM -0800 1/9/03, George Sidman wrote:
>A few months ago the AC controller behind the glove box began hissing
>and the climate control got very flakey. Obviously it was leaking it's
>I replaced the rot with new neoprene foam blocks, and tested the
>vacuum with my Mighty Vac, and all appeared good. Upon re-installation
>there was no hiss, but the system only delivers refrigerated air - and
>no heat. What the?????
>Any BTDT ot other advice?

Have you checked (CC channel 01 diagnostics) to see if your heater
control flap is in the correct position? A number of us are beginning
to experience a frequent "no heat" condition because the temp control
flap motor is failing (or more likely its built-in
feedback-potentiometer is defective). In either case a replacement of
that motor is the easiest cure. The CC 01 will read "07" if the temp
control flap is not in the correct position (correct position reads

Or it could be something completely different...:-(


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