AC Controller problems

Gary Anderson wanemardo at
Thu Jan 9 21:02:59 EST 2003

Just went through he same/similar replacement, didn't have a hissing sound
but air not changing outlet locations with the different heat/ac modes
Bought a new one from Blau, and notice the same manufacturing date, part
But in my case, it corrected the air delivery to the associated outlets as
selected on the AC Control Head.
Had a note from Ned on the topic, who suggested oil eventually gets into the
solenoids and causes them to malfunction.  Am assuming he meant oil through
the vacuum source tube to the engine.  Again my assumption here.  These
modules may be "rebuildable" to restore proper functioning.
That's what I can offer for now, haven't opened up the faulty module yet
HTH, Gary Anderson in Sammamish

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> A few months ago the AC controller behind the glove box began hissing
> and the climate control got very flakey. Obviously it was leaking it's
> vacuum. I got a new one from Didi at Carlsen, but noted when I
> installed it that the mfr date was 1991. It too hissed so I pulled it
> out. So last weekend I took the original apart and discovered that the
> small square foam pads behind the vacuum solenoids were all rotted;
> not holding the vacuum. Didi tells me that Audi has 5 left in stock
> and they are all dated 1991. The "new" one from Didi had rotted blocks
> as well, so we can assume the others in stock are probably no good.
> I replaced the rot with new neoprene foam blocks, and tested the
> vacuum with my Mighty Vac, and all appeared good. Upon re-installation
> there was no hiss, but the system only delivers refrigerated air - and
> no heat. What the?????
> Any BTDT ot other advice?
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