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Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Fri Jan 10 09:10:21 EST 2003

I've used a K&N air filter on two GTI's, a 200q20v, a 911 3.2, two
motorcycles and a Subaru 4x4 wagon for a collective 480,000 miles and I'm
very happy with them.  Specifically I have had a K&N on the 200q20v for
60,000 miles.  I've experienced no engine wear problems or any air filter
related problems on any of my vehicles to date.

I don't know about the potential mass airflow sensor problems that Peter
mentioned, but I have never experienced this on any of my cars.

I have never FELT any hp gains and consequently don't pay much attention to
that claim either.

IMO, it's nice not buying paper filters and getting increased airflow to
boot. I haven't bought a paper filter in 15+yrs.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Other than not ever having to buy another air filter
is it worth putting a K&N air filter in my 20v? Iv'e
read that it will add 5 to 10% increase in HP - I
don't buy that. What are your thoughts - is it worth
doing or not?

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