Sudden loss of boost pressure

joe smith mtnbikguy2002 at
Fri Jan 10 07:33:24 EST 2003

My 91 20v TQ (96K) was only putting out 1.3-1.4 bars I
changed the TBV and the hose connecting it to the
manifold - no change. I pulled the codes - nothing. I
then did the self diagnostic function after pulling
the codes - when the ECU tried to cycle the WGFV
nothing happened, I then checked the resistance per
the Bently manual, not even close. Finally I changed
the WGFV ($57 from Blau) and wammo, 1.8 bars.

--- "Richard E. Berlin, Jr." <rberlin at>
> I'm running Ned Ritchie's IA III+ chip in my 81k mi.
> 20v
> Avant, and it has been running flawlessly. But
> recently, I
> have noticed a partial loss of Boost pressure ( from
> 1.8-1.9
> to current 1.4) and the loss has been sudden, not
> gradual.
> Aside from checking the turbo hoses I wonder if any
> of you
> might recommend a check list of things I might try
> to
> restore this sudden loss of oomph.
> Am I correct in recalling a thread wherein this
> happened to
> another lister not long ago? Was it repaired by
> replacing
> the MAF sensor??
> Any help or advice is appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Richard E. Berlin, Jr
> '91 200q20v Avant, Indigo/platinum, IA III+
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> Home:(978) 526-9177
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