Speed Tuning USA chips?

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Jan 10 23:24:32 EST 2003

Forget those guys, at best they sell copied chips or at worse they sell
chips with lethal parameters inside!!! Didn't you read my Ebay 3B chip
warning from last week? If you want a good chipset for a reasonable price
and which isn't going to ruin your engine and isn't copied from someone
else, I can do one for you, even for an RS2 turbo or whatever upgrades you
use on your engine.

So, be kind to your engine, offer it a real ECU upgrade, not something the
seller won't be able to tell anything about software-wise.
If you want me to explain what I modify in my chips, I can tell it to you
with no problems at all because I'd rather explain what I do to someone
than explain to him why he burnt a piston with someone else's chips. Lately
I've done a custom chipset for a fellow lister from South Africa with an
UrS4 and an RS2 turbo and I think he is satisfied enough with my work...

Anyway, HTH,


At 14:05 10/01/2003 -0800, joe smith wrote:
>I've seen this company on Ebay advertising ECU upgrade
>chips for Audis - they do not specify what models, but
>they supposedly have 1500 models in their databases.
>Has anyone use a chip from them before? Their web
>sight is http://www.speedtuningusa.com/.
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