Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Jan 10 15:08:37 EST 2003

The car is not chipped but does have a different WG spring. That has worked
fine for 5 yrs and ~100k miles.

I am occasionally hitting overboost the last week or so. Usually at lower
RPMs (2-3k) and when rapidly going to full throttle - has happened in 2nd
3rd and 4th. Like when you're doing 20mph in 2nd gear in back of a truck and
you "jump" on it to pass. Hit it last night in 3rd on a downhill onramp. Was
at about 4k in 2nd, shifted to 3rd, gave it rapid full throttle and it hit
overboost. If I go WOT from about 1/4 throttle, it spools to 1.8 on the
gauge and holds it nicely. Going to WOT from no/little throttle is causing
it. As usual, I can hear the turbo vary in speed at WOT and full boost so I
am pretty sure the WGFV is working as it should be. I haven't looked for any
leaks yet, but I don't hear any. When the mich. man hose went, one could
hear boost escaping quite clearly.

I know - it's rare to have someone whining about too *much* boost :-)

Any ideas? Maybe the WGFV not reacting fast enough any longer? Something to
do with the TPS?

mike miller
helmville mt
hanging out in Redmond for a while

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