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Fri Jan 10 16:25:54 EST 2003

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From: Mihnea Cotet
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Subject: Re: Overboost

What's the problem? 1.8 gauge is THE normal boost pressure for a 3B
engine... and that stiffer WG spring is no good for that and is bad for the
stock K24 as well when the ECU is chipped...


PS: there's no programmed overboost in a 3B engine and you shouldn't be
having any problems hitting 1.8 Bar on the dash gauge. Is there a fuel
cutoff, some shaking and so on when at these pressures?


Yes, I am hitting the overboost cutoff - I thought I had said that - must
not have made it clear. I know the 3B is supposed to make 1.8 bar - I am
getting that and a little more :-)

>I am occasionally hitting overboost the last week or so.


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