Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat Jan 11 01:32:02 EST 2003

Okay, it didn't seem obvious from your "I'm hitting overboost" expression,
I'd rather say "I'm hitting overboost cut-off" but oh well, I guess we all
say different things differently...

Try unscrewing your WG spring a bit and this should be better... but the
overboost cutoff doesn't really come at 1.8 but rather at 2.1 (yes the dash
gauge can display 2.1 actually) and it's a "soft" cut-off , actually the
ECU shuts the WGFV down until pressure goes to 1.8 Bar. This usually
happens when flooring the car at lower than 3000 RPM because of the fact
that the ECU tells the WGFV to open at something like 70% or so...if you do
it at higher revs it shouldn't happen IMHO/IME.

I had this happen with the stock software and spring tightened down a
little too much I guess ;-)

If you feel a rather violent cut-off it might not be the overboost cut-off
but the fuel pump cut-off...


At 16:25 10/01/2003 -0800, Mike Miller wrote:

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>From: Mihnea Cotet
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>Subject: Re: Overboost
>What's the problem? 1.8 gauge is THE normal boost pressure for a 3B
>engine... and that stiffer WG spring is no good for that and is bad for the
>stock K24 as well when the ECU is chipped...
>PS: there's no programmed overboost in a 3B engine and you shouldn't be
>having any problems hitting 1.8 Bar on the dash gauge. Is there a fuel
>cutoff, some shaking and so on when at these pressures?
>Yes, I am hitting the overboost cutoff - I thought I had said that - must
>not have made it clear. I know the 3B is supposed to make 1.8 bar - I am
>getting that and a little more :-)
> >I am occasionally hitting overboost the last week or so.

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