coolant reservoir level sensor--how to disconnect?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jan 10 22:09:56 EST 2003

At 5:20 PM -0700 1/10/03, Calvin & Diana Craig wrote:
>I had the same thing happen to my '91. it was the Multi-Function Temp
>Sensor.  The best thing about the MFTS is that if you simply unplug it and
>the car reaches full boost then you know that's the culprit.  Of course you
>will momentarily lose your temp. gauge as well but no big deal for a test.

Speaking of loss of boost--since the coolant reservoir (level) sensor
produces an effect indistinguishable from the MFTS (i.e., the ECU
cuts boosts whether from an overheat or low fluid warnings), I
decided to disconnect it to see if that's the cause of my
boostproblem.  But I can't seem to unplug the connector under the
reservoir--does it just pull straight out, or do you need to twist?
I've removed the little blue plastic clip at the end of the
connector, but that didn't seem to help get anything apart. What
stupid connector trick am I missing here? Help.

BTW I realize that I could simply disconnect the MFTS to determine if
_it_ is the cause of the low boost and warning beeps, but I figured
that disconnecting the reservoir sensor would be much easier. Go
figure.  I am suspicious that it might be the reservoir sensor
because the low boost & overheat-warnings  started right after I had
drained a couple of quarts of coolant and refilled.


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