Speed Tuning USA chips?

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat Jan 11 13:16:27 EST 2003

I think they resell some German made tuning products because they have some
"Powerboxes" for TDI engines, interceptor boxes that allow for more
HP/torque, usually +30 HP on 90HP versions. This is real bullsh*t, the
principle isn't bad as it tricks the ECU but the point about those boxes is
that they contain no active components inside, only a resistor or a pot.
The schematics can be found on www.dieselschrauber.de under 10-cent tuning
and it deserves well its name as the components don't cost more. A friend
of mine recently did this trick to his 110 HP TDI A4 and the results are
stunning, until 4th gear on dry pavement he's spinning his 235/40ZR17 tires
ay WOT! Wow! He also did some measures and where in stock form it takes him
12 secs in 4th to get from 50 to 85mph, with the 10-cent tuning it takes
only 8 seconds! One more WOW!!! But this can't replace proper chipping of
the ECU as it's only a trick and it doesn't optimize the engine operation
under all conditions as proper chiptuning can do.

This kind of company has 1500 models in their chip database but they won't
be able to tell you anything about the chips' contents because they only
bought a CD with original/modified files for a bunch of existing ECUs and
they don't do anything else except burning the chips and installing them.
There are lots of companies like this one in Germany which I call
"generalist tuners" and which don't really know what they sell. Recently a
German friend sent me a 3B chipset for analysis bought from a Generalist
tuning company in Germany, he had had his ECU chipped and was complaining
of improper overboost conditions (like 1.9 bar relative- 2.9 Bar absolute)
when flooring the car under 3000 RPM. What I discovered is something
similar with the Hungarian lister a few weeks ago, the chips don't use any
knock sensor compensation, no high intake temps enrichment/timing retard,
and furthermore the boost control chip is made for a 2.5 Bar pressure
transducer, which the "tuner" wasn't even aware of and this is what causes
the uncontrolled overboost condition (I mean uncontrolled because with the
stock WG spring completely unscrewed the engine will still make 1.9 Bar
relative boost in 4th gear!!!!

So once again, BEWARE!


20:59 10/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>At 2:05 PM -0800 1/10/03, joe smith wrote:
>>I've seen this company on Ebay advertising ECU upgrade
>>chips for Audis - they do not specify what models, but
>>they supposedly have 1500 models in their databases.
>>Has anyone use a chip from them before? Their web
>>sight is http://www.speedtuningusa.com/.
>I think this product says it all as far as the company overall is concerned:
>Pardon me while I do NOT pour that into my engine. I bet the stuff
>just causes incredible wear so that the engine loosens up...
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