Intermittent P/S

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jan 12 22:08:20 EST 2003

Air entrainment is possible on the input side of the PS pump because the
fluid level in the resorvoir is several inches below the pump, but I've
never seen it happen.  The reservoir to pump hose and fittings, as well as
the pump shaft seal being the only two posibilities.  Both very unlikely,
inasmuch as we are talking of sealing against pressures of only 4" to 6" of
hyd fluid height/pressure.


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> Subject: Intermittent P/S
> Steve,
> I have never been inside the PS pump but I would belive that it is possible
> to cause foaming of the pentosin withouth a leak.  It would be through
> cavitation, it is like when a motor boat has a bad prop, you get foam,
> bubbles etc..but reduced power.  Or I could be in left field...just an idea.
> Joshua Cummings
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