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Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 13 20:10:18 EST 2003

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Hello Listers:

Well, the hard start--both hot or cold--came back.  It's really starting to
peave me because it's sporratic as hell...sometimes it starts...others it
takes a long time.

I first thought the issue was unmetered air from a busted crankcase
hose--fixed that and still have the problem.

Thought maybe air in the gas tank or other issue with that--filled the tank to
full and it went away.  Now the tank's on half and it starts hard again.

Could this be the infamous fuel pump check valve?  Reading the archives, it
appears the check valve really is the culprit on hard hot starts, not cold.
Is this true?  It's a cheap part ($14 from Rod) so I figure this will be the
next check.  Does anyone have any BTDT with replacing the check valve?  Does
the pump have to come out?  FINALLY, does anyone have any other suggestions
for the hard start?  Would the fuel accumulator have anything to do with it?
The car runs great and the fuel pump is not noisy, so I am sure it's fine.

Could this even be ignition?  The wires, plugs, cap, and rotor are relatively
new.  Bad coil maybe?  I doubt it because I don't have hesitation at WOT or
anywhere else in the rev band.

Thanks for any help.


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