Hard Start...Still

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Mon Jan 13 21:54:47 EST 2003

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I remember your comment now....I sort of disregarded the check valve because I
was reading in the archives that it needed to be replaced with the pump, but
my pump's OK and I really didn't want to replace a non-broken part.  But after
talking to Rod and him being able to get only the check valve, I resurfaced
the issue.  I will check Miller's site.



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>From: Phil and Judy Rose
>To: "Jobe Tichy"
>CC: 200q20v at audifans.com
>Subject: Re: Hard Start...Still
>Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:40:02 -0500
>At 8:10 PM +0000 1/13/03, Jobe Tichy wrote:
>>Could this be the infamous fuel pump check valve? Reading the
>>archives, it
>>appears the check valve really is the culprit on hard hot starts,
>>not cold.
>>Is this true? It's a cheap part ($14 from Rod) so I figure this
>>will be the
>>next check. Does anyone have any BTDT with replacing the check
>>valve? Does
>>the pump have to come out?
>Here's what I know--posted just 3 weeks ago.
>At 9:52 AM -0500 12/21/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>>The check valve screws directly into the top of the pump. It's
>>with a p/n in the Family Album. It might be possible to remove and
>>replace the valve without removing the whole pump, but I sorta
>>it. Chris Miller's site has a section on fuel pump replacement and
>>photos that might show the valve w/ old-style pump. I believe my
>>photos show the new (slim) pump set-up (without check valve).
>> FINALLY, does anyone have any other suggestions
>>for the hard start? Would the fuel accumulator have anything to do
>>with it?
>Pressure rehgulator is a common source of starting problems in the
>V8s.Any place the fuel line could be losing pressure (leaking) could
>have something to do with it.
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