HVAC flap motor replacement

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Jan 13 20:32:46 EST 2003

I installed the new heater box flap control motor Friday.

PITA to get to with the heater core box in place, especially for those
handicapped with trifocals like me.  But overall not too difficult.  Would
have been a lot easier if my "shop" weren't a cement pad outdoors where the
weather changed from sunny 24 degrees F to overcast blowing snow mid way
through.  Worst moment was pulling on the flap control arm enough to twist
the original motor about 180 degrees so a little protrusion could fit into
a little notch and release it.  I was concerned that 12-year-old plastic
arms that had been heat cycled repeatedly would be brittle and break.  But
it all went back together OK.

The result:  instead of the heat going from really hot air to warm to the
dreaded COLD, it now drops slowly to a sort of tepid air coming out, but
not cold.  HooRay.  Has worked well over the last three days, with exterior
temps from the mid-20's down to about 12 above Zero F.  I normally would
get to the COLD air stage about 30 minutes into the 35-minute
drive.  Because of traffic and blowing snow, my drives since the
installation have all taken ~45 minutes.

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