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At 8:11 PM -0500 1/13/03, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>At 09:54 PM 01/13/2003 +0000, Jobe Tichy wrote:
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>>I remember your comment now....I sort of disregarded the check
>>valve because I
>>was reading in the archives that it needed to be replaced with the pump, but
>>my pump's OK and I really didn't want to replace a non-broken part.
>>But after
>>talking to Rod and him being able to get only the check valve, I resurfaced
>>the issue.  I will check Miller's site.
>I don't recall anything about replacing the check valve on the pump on
>Chris's repair pages.  The check valve on the older pumps is external, but
>I doubt you could remove it from the pump without removing the pump from
>the tank.

No, I don't recall a description of that specific (check-valve)
replacement ordeal. My photo on Chris's site
does show the old-style pump (on left). The check valve is the
small-diameter part extending a couple of inches from the top--it
sits beneath the disc-shaped silencer. As I mentioned in my post,
it's not going to be easy (and maybe impossible) to replace that
valve without removing the entire pump. Worth doing if that's your
problem, but too bad you don't need a new pump too (just joking). If
your pump looks like the one on the right side of the photo, then
there isn't any external valve to replace, and your problem probably
lies somewhere else.

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