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Brian Link BrianL at starsys.com
Tue Jan 14 08:23:05 EST 2003

That's crazy,  Mine did the same thing last weekend? I had to pop start
my car to get home, then disconnect the battery when I got home. Do you
have a Bentley manual?
If it is only your switch you are in luck, $30 and you need to remove
the instrument cluster and the lower panel under the drivers dash.  Mine
turned out to be both the switch and the part of the ignition that turns
the switch.  To remove the whole ignition assembly you also need to
remove the steering wheel and steering column.  It is kind of a huge
pain.  I think the dealer wanted $75 for a new ignition switch with
keys.  I took just the part I needed from a wrecked 200 so I could keep
my keys.  If you don't have a Bentley, the only hard part is finding the
painted screws behind the dash to replace the plastic switch.

Good Luck

Brian Link
Boulder, CO
-From: "Steve Gronback" <tgsgronback at mindspring.com>
-To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
-Subject: ignition switch
-Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 02:29:37 -0500
-The ignition switch failed on my car this weekend.   My wife was using
-car, unfortunately for her.  The key spins freely, and current is on,
even with the key -removed...had to disconnect the battery.
-Does anyone have experience removing/repairing/replacing this unit?
-BTW, you have to love AAA.  They flatbedded my car 16 miles home for
$26. out of pocket.  For once, -the driver knew what he was doing!

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