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Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Jan 14 09:51:58 EST 2003

I bought the dealer assembly and switch to do this a few months ago
after a ham-fisted car wash gang forced my switch and broke it. Brian
made a good move finding an older part, the new rotator tab piece is
slightly different and won't fit older cylinder assemblies.

I did find a source for the black security cap so I cut the old one
off and rekeyed the new cylinder to match the other locks.  If you
choose that route, be careful not to cut the retaining circlip when
you cut off the cap.  This is where I bought the cap:

 Andrew's Wholesale Lock Supply
 544 South 9th. Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
 800-544-0519 - 717-274-8659 (FAX)
 E-Mail: sales at andrewslock.com

The PDFs on their site showed P-31-609 for a 91, but it turned out
that mine was a P-31-610 ( 91> V8s, 92> 100s & urS ).  The 609 has
a rounded surround while the 610 has a flat face around the keyhole.


Brian Link wrote:
> Steve,
> That's crazy,  Mine did the same thing last weekend? I had to pop start
> my car to get home, then disconnect the battery when I got home. Do you
> have a Bentley manual?
> If it is only your switch you are in luck, $30 and you need to remove
> the instrument cluster and the lower panel under the drivers dash.  Mine
> turned out to be both the switch and the part of the ignition that turns
> the switch.  To remove the whole ignition assembly you also need to
> remove the steering wheel and steering column.  It is kind of a huge
> pain.  I think the dealer wanted $75 for a new ignition switch with
> keys.  I took just the part I needed from a wrecked 200 so I could keep
> my keys.  If you don't have a Bentley, the only hard part is finding the
> painted screws behind the dash to replace the plastic switch.
> Good Luck
> Brian Link
> Boulder, CO
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> -From: "Steve Gronback" <tgsgronback at mindspring.com>
> -To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
> -Subject: ignition switch
> -Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 02:29:37 -0500
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> -The ignition switch failed on my car this weekend.   My wife was using
> the
> -car, unfortunately for her.  The key spins freely, and current is on,
> even with the key -removed...had to disconnect the battery.
> -
> -Does anyone have experience removing/repairing/replacing this unit?
> -
> -BTW, you have to love AAA.  They flatbedded my car 16 miles home for
> $26. out of pocket.  For once, -the driver knew what he was doing!
> -
> -Thanks,
> -Steve
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