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At 11:55 AM 1/14/2003 -0700, Charles Baer wrote:
>> After reading Mr. Bently procedures and not having done it
>> before I let my shop
>> do it.  Not fun on the 200 due to all the structure in and around the
>> dash.  They
>> were glad to see the car leave.  Involves entire steering
>> wheel housing, air bag, some or all of the center console.
>I pulled the wheel, inst cluster, then the block of Al that is the
>shaft housing (that was the hard part) that holds the steering wheel
>mounting stub and the column down thru the pedals.  Nothing else needs
>to come out, but it's ugly getting that hunk of metal out of the dash.
>I seem to recall posting a rant about wanting to mutilate the Bentley
>guy who wrote "push down and remove" about that step and nothing more.
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Bentley just published; -"forwarded" the Audi factory instructions for these manuals - they did not actually create their own documentation as they do with BMWs, etc.

That said, the referenced pages seem to show a pre-airbag car, since they printed documents infer that the two ignition switch screws can be accessed from the top after removing the instrument cluster - they cannot since there is a magnesium? support now in the way.

There is a TSB for the V8 - number 93-01, dated Aug 1993, that shows a method of drilling holes into the steel bar to remove the lock cylinder ...
this TSB may show a way of avoiding having to pull and rotate the column to access the cylinder housing.

being that this is a known failure mode, i would dare recommend carrying a spare ignition switch which can prevent you from getting stranded.
If the switch fails, remove the knee bar, reach underneath and pull the harness out of the ignition switch, twist it to start the engine and drive home...


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