20v Cap and rotor Q&A

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Tue Jan 14 17:17:54 EST 2003

I second Wolff and Bernie.
Get it to a good independent Audi wrench!

Can anyone in that area help him in this endeavor?? If not, send a request
to the main list.

Bill there are 2 issues here. I'll break it down (best I can) in case you or
anyone else out there is missing some of this.

1.)Ignition timing.
It sounds like the plastic distributor gear (which drives off of the end of
the intake cam) is broken, hence the rotor turning freely. Although it's
conceivable, I doubt that these small plastic gear pieces did any damage. It
is way out on the end of the cam, and the pieces have likely just fallen
down and will be easily removed when you remove the distributor. If it were
mine I'd remove the cam cover and have a look see. This would make vacuuming
the broken pieces a little easier as well. Assuming these pieces are all
accounted for, this will not cause engine damage. The distributor is simply
no longer spinning with the camshaft, distributing spark to cylinders.

2.)The valve timing.
Of course when the camshaft is no longer timed to the crankshaft, valves get
bent when the pistons hit them. This is where the possibility of large
expense will be.

First order of business is to have the mechanic check and see if your cams
are still aligned with the crank.

The front grill and bumper as well as the intercooler, p/s belt and t-belt
cover should be removed.

Then the mechanic can turn the crank over and attempt to line up the crank
and cam timing marks.

If they line up and the flywheel is at TDC, then I would suspect all you
need is a new distributor. If the t-belt happens to be loose, teeth missing
etc., then you will want to have a new one installed while he is that far
into it.

If the crank and cam timing marks do not line up, then the head would need
to be removed to replace the bent valves and inspect for other damage, in
addition to the distributor replacement.

The mechanic should know if your valve timing is out BEFORE he tells you if
the head needs to be removed.

Don't give up, it's worth repairing.

Good luck,
Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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