20vt ECU chip mod group buy

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Jan 14 23:56:50 EST 2003

Hi guys!

Lately some of you have manifested interest in my ECU chip modification for
the 3B engine code, so I thought I'd share this with all of you so maybe
more of you can take advantage of the offer involved.

I have done a modified chipset for the 3B engine all by myself with the
help of a German friend who is an engineer in engine management systems and
a pretty good 20vt tuner himself. My friend has helped me a lot understand
how the ECU and all maps inside it work.

I had been dreaming of doing my own chips ever since I've first driven a
20vt car and wasn't satisfied with stock performance, nor with other
people's chips so this has finally come true and I did it all by myself,
under supervision of my friend who advised me and confirmed my
modifications choices.
The chipset should provide approximately 275-280 HP with a pretty massive
improvement in torque as well. I don't want to say too much with the
numbers because one could easily be unsatisfied after a dyno pull and say
"my car only made 270 HP" or whatever, and these things also depend on the
general shape of the engine...

The chips are done in a very conservative way and this means that all stock
security settings are retained (like timing retard for detected knocking,
high intake air temperature fuel enrichment/timing retard and so on) and
they use a 2.5 Bar pressure transducer, which means that should the ECU
decide boost should be lowered (at high altitude for instance), boost will
drop to the factory "limp home mode" value of 0.4 Bar absolute if so the
ECU decides (1.4 on the dash gauge). This is a lot better than working with
a stiffer WG spring because boost is totally controlled by the ECU. Boost
pressures are as follows: 1.4 Bar absolute up to 4500 RPM, 1.1 Bar at 6000
and 0.85 at 7000, for Audi dash display-like figures add 1 Bar
(atmmospheric pressure at sea level).

Performance has been tested through and through for the last period of time
on various cars (S2s, 200q20v's and my 3B equipped coupe quattro) and
everything works perfectly as I thought from the start. Fuel economy is
also much improved under part throttle operation, assuming all engine
sensors are in good working order (the infamous MFTS for instance causes an
increase in fuel consumption when it goes bad, at the same time as the
boost reduction occurs, due to the fact that the ECU thinks the engine is

The price for the upgrade is 300 Euro a set (2 chips and a 2.5 Bar pressure
transducer in exchange of your stock 2 Bar unit) and I'll gladly drop the
price to 250 Euros a set if more than 10 people are in. I can also provide
a different price for people who already have a 2.5 Bar pressure transducer
or different hardware installed on the engine (RS2 turbo for instance).

Please contact me offlist for more details but keep the discussion on-list
if you think your questions are of general interest!


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