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Tue Jan 14 21:30:41 EST 2003

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1.    Per your reply it looks like I'm totally wrong.  I appologize.
Silly me to think that the whole 20V unit would be a different part number,
rotor size and hall sender, different gear etc., vs (10V).
2.    It seems: "The NA 20V 7A distributor is physically and functionally
interchangable with the 3B."
and could be entirely true, but............
.......because I did neglect to make clear I was using the 1990 (10V) 200Q vs
1991 20V 200Q from the Family Album as my basis, not sure why'd you'd "chime"
in like that.
That being said, I'm here to offer assistance, with some limited knowledge,
and not to be the end all - be all, or ultimate incorrect authority & waste
of band width.
Thank you for the parts numbers.
-Scott in BOSTON - never said NA 7A 20V..................

> The distributor for the 20V (3B) is specific (as referenced below) and hard
> to get, so double check you get the correct distributor not a 10V (MC)
> maybe these are correct: 10V (MC): 035 905 206 AF
> 20V (3B): 034 905 205 Q
> most other BTDT listers here will "chime" in with their experience.


You are wrong, in that the 10V MC distributor is not physically
interchangable with the 20V (single cam vs twin cam, different gear).
The NA 20V 7A distributor is physically and functionally interchangable with
the 3B, (BTDT) but they do have different part numbers, 034 905 205 J and Q,
respectively.  Further they have different rotors, Bosch 1 234 237 4R1 and
1 234 332 414 R1, respectively, and different Hall sensors, Bosch 1 230 329
038 and 1 230 329 049, resp.


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