200q20v digest, Vol 1 #1335 - 2 msgs

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Tue Jan 14 21:17:38 EST 2003


Unfortunately this a typical and common 200 problem.  I've had two 200s
and have had to replace the ignition switch in both of them.  The second
time it happened, a hamfisted car wash dude broke it and car wash paid
for 3/4s of it.


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>Subject: RE: 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #1334 - 14 msgs
>Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 08:23:05 -0700
>From: "Brian Link" <BrianL at starsys.com>
>To: <tgsgronback at mindspring.com>, <200q20v at audifans.com>
>That's crazy,  Mine did the same thing last weekend? I had to pop start
>my car to get home, then disconnect the battery when I got home. Do you
>have a Bentley manual?
>From: "Steve Gronback" <tgsgronback at mindspring.com>
>To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
>Subject: ignition switch
>Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 02:29:37 -0500
>The ignition switch failed on my car this weekend.   My wife was using
>the car, unfortunately for her.  The key spins freely, and current is on,
>even with the key -removed...had to disconnect the battery.
>From: Charles Baer <charlie at istari.com>
>Organization: Istari Technologies
>To: 200q20v at audifans.com
>Cc: Brian Link <BrianL at starsys.com>, tgsgronback at mindspring.com
>Subject: Re: 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #1334 - 14 msgs
>I bought the dealer assembly and switch to do this a few months ago
>after a ham-fisted car wash gang forced my switch and broke it. Brian
>made a good move finding an older part, the new rotator tab piece is
>slightly different and won't fit older cylinder assemblies.

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