further chip questions

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Wed Jan 15 07:16:56 EST 2003

Bryan (and all possibly interested guys),

As the pressure transducer has to be changed and as I need your stock unit
first (simply because I don't have stocks of these, barely one more than
mine and I could not have it anymore next week-end), you will have to
remove or have removed this pressure transducer. The removal is pretty
straightforward as it is soldered and has only 3 pins, so even if you don't
feel comfortable with a soldering iron, one of your friends who plays with
electronics could do it, or even a TV/radio repair shop (if these still
exist) could do it.

Once the sensor is removed, you can plug the ECU back in, plug the vacuum
line coming from the engine (as you won't have a pressure transducer to
plug it in) and run the car with WG spring boost! This means that you'll be
only having "boost down time" and that you'll be able to use your daily
driver as before, except that it will have less HP...

I thought about the GP because this could help reduce the costs for
shipping and you could probably try to arrange grouped shipping of the
pressure transducers, simply shipping them by UPS or FedEx can make things
a lot quicker, basically from the moment I have the PTs, it takes me a
maximum of 2 weeks in order to ship them back with a chipset. So this means
you guys can keep your stock chips as well, and you'd do the installation,
which is really easy as a breeze (the chips aren't soldered in a 200q20v
fortunately). Now if you don't feel comfortable with a soldering iron,
opening an ECU and so on at all, and you have a spare, you can ship it to
me and I'll do everything for you...

Oh, one more thing I forgot last night.... Shipping is not included in the
price, because of a possible grouped shipping for instance!


At 20:05 14/01/2003 -0500, Bryan Foster wrote:
>I am possibly interested in your chip.  Just wondering how long the down
>time would be for us in the USA with shipping to Europe?  Also do we get
>to keep our stock chips?  Perhaps you can post this information to the

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