1991 200 turbo Quattro 20V with rotor/engine issues

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Wed Jan 15 21:53:24 EST 2003

You're perfectly right Dave! Agreed 100%, except that I'd give the pro 3
hours to replace the distributor in the Audi-way (removing the IM) because
this is what's in the factory manual and an Audi mechanic won't do
otherwise IMO...


At 15:43 15/01/2003 -0500, Djdawson2 at aol.com wrote:
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>This is such bull!!  He could inspect the belt in 15 minutes by removing the
>upper t-belt cover and turning the engine over slowly by hand and checking
>the timing marks...  It will either be "in time" or it won't... and damage
>will be evident on the belt.  I have seen alot of timing belts, and never
>have I seen one that lost teeth and slipped timing during normal running...
>only at start-up.
>   If there is concern about valve damage, a simple compression test could
>validate or eliminate that issue... (bent valves=zip compression) and let's
>give him an hour to do that... we're up to 1.25 hours.  After both of those
>tests are passed (and I'd bet both tests would pass), we're on to a
>distributor replacement... I did mine in 1/2 hour, so we'll give 1 hour to
>the pros.  We're up to 2.25 hours and a $250 distributor.
>Anyone???  Am I crazy?
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