Bill's auto problems

Joshua C smuckycat at
Wed Jan 15 16:30:26 EST 2003

I know everyone has told you you're getting ripped off by your shop so I
don't need to repeat that.  When I first bought my car I didn't realize how
rare it was and further how much rarer a competent Audi tech is, I had a
faulty Hall sender and it cost me 3000$ all told to have it sorted out!  I
was in a hard place at the time, far away from home for work...This guy
claimed to be an expert..well he wasn't.  First they took a few days before
they realized that there was a difference between a early 200 and the 91.
They didn't even own the proper manuals and charged me a fee of like 50$ to
look up the info..I got screwed.  So then I decided I would take matters
into my own hands and I found a good tech and learned as much as I could
about this bastard of an auto (to work on).

what I am trying to say is that you should find a GOOD shop and have it
sorted out.  Even if you have to buy a klunker or rent a car in the meantime
you will end up with a very good automobile to drive or sell for much more
than 800$.

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