1991 200 turbo Quattro 20V with rotor/engine issues

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Wed Jan 15 22:38:06 EST 2003


The guys at the stealer, including the so-called "tech" are simply trying
to rip you off!!!! I'm almost sure the tech has already checked the timing
belt and that it is perfectly fine and that in fact he has an arrangement
with the other guy who really wants a cheap 200q20v! If 10 people tell you
it's the distributor, it must be the distributor. This is a $ 250 part and
from what I've heard a lister is willing to help you replace it for free...
So assuming that, either you are stupid (sorry for being rude but the truth
has to be said) or you don't know what you're doing. Either way, you will
loose a very nice car and you'll regret it very soon! 800 bucks means
nothing, please understand that totalled cars can be bought for more than
that, so please understand these guys are simply trying to rip you off with
a smile!


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>The tech stated in order to properly diagnose he would have to spend 9 hours
>@ 95/hour- tearing down the front of the engine to see if there was valve
>damage and properly inspect the belt etc.  If there were no valve damage
>then he spend an additional 3 to 4 more hours installing a waterpump, timing
>belt distributor, which would bring the total to 12-14 hours in labor at
>95(1140) and parts estimates at 900.  roughly $2000 if there isn't any valve
>I'm in hell!
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>You have got to be kidding.  You are selling it to a guy at the dealer for
>$800 who is paying for your incomplete diagnostics job of your car.  You
>really should take some time to think about this decision.  A little shady
>is a huge understatement.  You have just got to be kidding.
>Jeff Bernstein
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>Subject: 1991 200 turbo Quattro 20V with rotor/engine issues
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>Thank you all for your input,
>After consideration, I have decided to sell it.  A guy at the dealer wants
>it for $800 and he'll pay the diagnostic charge.
>I know it looks shady, but I am not willing to put in 8 to 12 hours at $95in
>labor for him to tear it down and then say engine is shot, due to timing.  I
>would have welcomed a second opinion, however I do not have time or the
>willingness to put more money into towing and diagnostic fees.
>Thanks again for your help.
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