Brake Upgrade Recommendations

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Wed Jan 15 19:35:28 EST 2003

I would certainly upgrade the suspension before doing anything to the
brakes. And lower profile sticky tires too. Then go for the brake upgrade.
Just my opinion.

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> I am getting ready to upgrade the brakes ,front and rear.
> I have chosen the MINTEX Red Box brake pads. They seem the best from
> what I have read. My second choice would be PBR. Any opinions on these
> and other recommendations would be most welcome.
> For the rotors or discs my 1st choice now would be Zimmerman
> slotted,drilled and heat treated.
> My second choice would be Brembo.
> And my third choice would be ATE. I am worried about the ATE as some
> were made in Italy and warped. The newer German ones I hear are fine.
> Any help on or suggestions on rotors wold also be much appreciated.
> And finally stainless steel brake lines.
> Where is the best place to get these? Are there any that are DOT
> approved for the 20V?
> I cannot afford the Porsche calipers at this stage but want to get them
> a couple of years down the road.
> Also, the most reputable and the best prices of where to buy.
> This is my 1st real upgrade before I get it chipped.
> My 2nd upgrade will be suspension.
> And my 3rd will be the exhaust.
> I am trying to build a foundation of upgrades before chipping.
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