1991 200 turbo Quattro 20V with rotor/engine issues

Gary Anderson wanemardo at attbi.com
Wed Jan 15 21:19:26 EST 2003

Congratulations, you certainly pulled the heart strings of an enthusiastic
owners group.
You did the right thing to ask for help.
At least one lister sounds willing to help out, for the price of a good
dinner(?) maybe.
Can anyone on the list suggest/recommend some shops in Bill's area, or Bill
let us know the car's location?
Lets give Bill some shop telephone numbers to call, even if it is a "real"
dealer's service department.

For some facts:  I sold my stripped out totaled 200 20v for an engine
transplant for close to $3k (including transportation), and believe me,
everything but the unibody, engine, plumbing and ECU/wiring was removed (and
is in my garage).  I know of a lister who sold his totaled 200 20v to a
wrecking yard for some $3500, with all four fenders untouched and a good
AVS once quoted me $2500 for a transplantable motor only.
List price for a fender a couple of years ago was $800, and there wasn't one
in stock anywhere in the US.  I think your car, at worst, is a target for
parting out, if not a resale for at least $5k (sight unseen) for a quick
buck(personal opinion).

Have been following this string, (am a left coaster), you've have received
very good advice, some very direct and specific, and that is a good thing.

My suggestion:
        1. Take a deep breath, relax, and listen to your friends on the
list.  The Virginia contingent and other "right coasters" can help you
through this and save you lots of money, a good car, and grief.
        2. Get another recommended shop, call a flatbed tow truck, and get
your car to another shop (dealer or independent) for a another opinion, and
time to make a considered decision without questionable advice with a
conflict of interest.

HTH, Gary Anderson in Sammamish, Wa

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> Thank you all for your input,
> After consideration, I have decided to sell it.  A guy at the dealer wants
> it for $800 and he'll pay the diagnostic charge.
> I know it looks shady, but I am not willing to put in 8 to 12 hours at
> labor for him to tear it down and then say engine is shot, due to timing.
> would have welcomed a second opinion, however I do not have time or the
> willingness to put more money into towing and diagnostic fees.
> Thanks again for your help.
> Regards,
> Bill
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