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OK (to suspension and tires) if you have UFOs in good condition or a brake
upgrade with a larger diameter rotor...if you have G60 brakes, look for
more brakes before doing anything else... (do as I say, not as I did...)

FWIW, OEM rotors for the G60-equipped cars is Zimmerman.  Source through
your favorite WorldPac retailer for $55-65 or so each (don't ask what these
cost back in '95).  X-drilling:  not worth the $, IMO. Pads:  Beware that
if you want to avoid the OEM pads (black & dusty) don't get the Girling
pads (the same Ferodo AF3411 pads the dealer installs, springs & all, but
without the Audi #)...that said, messy as those pads are, they are also
highly effective in stopping the car and surprisingly long lasting.  Too
many of us give up on them because of the dust (I did).  My favorite pad
for street is the Porterfield R4S, R4 for track.  Others:  Mintex Red
Box--I'm running them now, but can't compare because I'm no longer running
G60s on my car.  PBR:  OK if Deluxe, but metal-masters don't seem to do
well on our cars.

Our cars with G60s are woefully underbraked on the track, and marginal on
the street--remember, you are dealing with a 3650# car--2 tons with driver
& passenger.  The G60 setup was originally developed for earlier, slower
type 44 cars while our cars can hit a buck-fifty (with enough road).  IMO,
continued use of the G60 caliper over stock size rotors with just about any
pad is not going to be much of an upgrade.  Exceptions would be true race
pads, which require heat to work, and can be very aggressive against
rotors.  Unless you plan major track activity, my suggestion is to get a
decent street pad and save your pennies for the Boxster or BR upgrade.  In
this case, so long as you think you'll upgrade within a couple years, I
would even agree w/ Bernie Benz's theory on brake rotors, and reuse your
existing ones--Audi puts a LOT of metal into their rotors, at the expense
of vent veins and extra weight, so there is a substantial safety margin in
here.  Oh--for the rears, don't bother with anything fancy--I'm still in
stock configuration with R4S pads @ 40-50% left after 5 yrs of use  (used
for all purposes including track) -- the rears really don't do a whole lot.

Of course, going to larger brakes (Boxster caliper/A8 rotor or 993tt
caliper/various rotor combinations) necessitates larger wheels & tires...

On the suspension upgrade--do this in conjunction with wider, lower-profile
tires.  Trying to run stiffer springs & shocks (i.e. H&R over Bilstein) on
stock rubber is an exercise in frustration...the soft, tall sidewalls now
work against, instead of with your suspension.  BTDT.

Finally, the last thing to get is a chip (and, wallet dependent, bigger
turbo, injectors, MAF, intercooler, etc.)

Oh--the first thing to get:  driver to a school :)

'91 200q
IA stage III+, Bilstein, H&R, 17x8 BBS RX, 993tt BR
(this listing is, sadly, in order of installation on my car :(

At 07:35 PM 1/15/2003 , Patrick Anderson wrote:
>I would certainly upgrade the suspension before doing anything to the
>brakes. And lower profile sticky tires too. Then go for the brake upgrade.
>Just my opinion.
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>Subject: Brake Upgrade Recommendations
> > I am getting ready to upgrade the brakes ,front and rear.
> > I have chosen the MINTEX Red Box brake pads. They seem the best from
> > what I have read. My second choice would be PBR. Any opinions on these
> > and other recommendations would be most welcome.
> > For the rotors or discs my 1st choice now would be Zimmerman
> > slotted,drilled and heat treated.
> > My second choice would be Brembo.
> > And my third choice would be ATE. I am worried about the ATE as some
> > were made in Italy and warped. The newer German ones I hear are fine.
> > Any help on or suggestions on rotors wold also be much appreciated.
> > And finally stainless steel brake lines.
> > Where is the best place to get these? Are there any that are DOT
> > approved for the 20V?
> > I cannot afford the Porsche calipers at this stage but want to get them
> > a couple of years down the road.
> > Also, the most reputable and the best prices of where to buy.
> > This is my 1st real upgrade before I get it chipped.
> > My 2nd upgrade will be suspension.
> > And my 3rd will be the exhaust.
> > I am trying to build a foundation of upgrades before chipping.
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