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Check with your local Audi or VW dealer. They may loan you an assortment of
the key followers so you can rekey the lock before you put it in the dash.
My local VW dealer did when I needed them. Once the lock is in the dash, I
doubt anyone would go to the trouble of pulling it out to make it match the
door key. If I had a separate door and ignition key for every car I own I'd
have to carry 8 car keys. I already have separates on my work car and I find
that bothersome.
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> Thanks for all the replies and offers to help with my ignition switch.  So
> far I have ordered a key cylinder and switch from The Parts Connection,
> about $90. with shipping.  I decided to replace both while I am in there.
> I may not go the extra mile, and have the new lock re-keyed, but I'll let
> you know how the repair goes after this weekend.
> Thanks,
> Steve Gronback
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