Brake Upgrade Recommendations

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Thu Jan 16 10:23:14 EST 2003

At 9:52 PM -0800 1/15/03, Linus Toy wrote:
>OK (to suspension and tires) if you have UFOs in good condition or a brake
>upgrade with a larger diameter rotor...if you have G60 brakes, look for
>more brakes before doing anything else... (do as I say, not as I did...)

Definitely agree with you there. The suspension and tires certainly
can use upgrading, but only after there's enough braking ability to
warrant exceeding the limits defined by the stock suspension and

>   Mintex Red
>Box--I'm running them now, but can't compare because I'm no longer running
>G60s on my car.

I recently started using Mintex Red Box pads on my G60s for street
driving, and while the braking might be only marginally improved over
the old oem pads, there was a very noticeable improvement (drop) in
dust production--and that's a nice plus especially if you're still
using stock BBS wheels.

>Our cars with G60s are woefully underbraked on the track, and marginal on
>the street--remember, you are dealing with a 3650# car--2 tons with driver
>& passenger.  The G60 setup was originally developed for earlier, slower
>type 44 cars while our cars can hit a buck-fifty (with enough road).  IMO,
>continued use of the G60 caliper over stock size rotors with just about any
>pad is not going to be much of an upgrade.  Exceptions would be true race
>pads, which require heat to work, and can be very aggressive against

Yes,installing  good track pads can provide quite an adequate (albeit
temporary) way to use G60 brakes at the track. I currently change
over to Hawk Blue pads just for track events. In the G60 calipers,
these pads provide a huge improvement over street pads, and while the
HB pad cost is relatively high, one set looks like it will provide me
service for many, many (IMO, at _least_ 6 and maybe 10) track events,
and I think I use my brakes pretty hard. The rotor wear with
well-heated Hawk Blue pads during a track event seems reasonable, but
I certainly take pains to avoid non-track use of these except perhaps
a limited amount of highway driving to and from the track.


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