Service points along I-80

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When you pass through Des Moines, you can take 235 south off 80.
There's a bunch of European parts places, one VW parts (by that
name), European Motorcars (a bimmer dealer with a Porsche dealer
nearby). As far as work goes, you're pretty out of luck around there,
but there are a hell of alot of parts stores. The most helpful was
the Napa on Valley West Rd in Windsor Heights and Advance Auto parts
and Jockos's on Army Post rd. You do have to know what you want,
however because they don't see too many cars like ours there.

When you're nearby Chicago, look for a town called Joliet or New
Lenox. It's a pretty well to do area, so I always take my rest stops
there, knowing it's safe. They have a Kmart right next to the Maple
Ave exit and there are a bunch of repair shops nearby, south of the

Yhe davenport/moline/rock island area has some stuff going on there,
so that's another bet, but slow down through there. The Rock Island
police patrols the highway in that town. They'll bust you.

Hope that remotely helps.

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I'm planning to drive the 200q20v from Michigan to Salt Lake City
next week.

Looking for recommendations of service places along Interstate 80
say, Chicago and SLC, just in case I need 'em.

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