Crankcase hose is schmutz

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Fri Jan 17 01:15:39 EST 2003

I know the breather hose gets old but, jeez,
I checked it today and where it passes over
(and touches) one of the heater hoses, it has
disolved onto that heater hose into a gooey mess.
Yuk!  I could push my finger through it (probably
not smart, though; duh).

I've already got a replacement in my "spares" box,
but what are the tips and cautions about changing
it?  I recall to reuse the spark-arresting clump
of whatever (copper?) that's in one of its three
orifices (don't know which one, however).  Are
there any other things I should know, including
tips to access all three ends?

I already looked on Chris' site but couldn't find


Ukiah, CA

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