When it rains, it pours

Paul R. Luevano paul at clarity.net
Fri Jan 17 09:29:12 EST 2003

So, the 200 is just not letting me enjoy the winter.  First the wheel bearing.
Fine, replace it and the hub driving on a shot wheel bearing took out.  While it
was in the shop, have them do the timing belt/water pump/belts/etc..  I figure
that car is in the shop anyway, it is winter, i don't really want to do it while
it's freezing out, etc..

 All seems well, then I get the car home and discover that the top radiator neck
is broken!  Arrgh.  I do a temp job on to with JBWeld and the shop orders me the
repair kit.

Now, I'm seeing a coolant leak from somewhere in the front of the engine. At
first I thought it was from my repair of the radiator neck but that is dry.  I
can see coolant collected on the motor- mount, under the aux water pump, but it
is not leaking, nor are any of the hoses I can see.  It is a steady leak, but
not major.  I have not yet been able to identify the source, and will look much
more closely this weekend, even if the temps aren't supposed to get out of the
teens!  I was just hoping I could get some pointers to know weak spots on these
cars after 160K miles.

Will it never end?

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