When it rains, it pours

Paul R. Luevano paul at clarity.net
Fri Jan 17 10:35:02 EST 2003

Phil Rose wrote:
> Oozing from the coolant flange gasket (the central, triangular one) is a
> common occurance. Mine did that for months--leaving coolant collected at
> the spot you mentioned. I bought a flange gasket and tried to remove the
> flange to install it, but couldn't loosen the allen bolts. So... I left it
> alone and the leak eventually "went away".  It lost a few ounces of coolant

	Hmmm, very interesting.  I have notice a leak for a few weeks now, but it has
come and gone.  I had just topped off my coolant.  I'll have to look in that
area more closely.

> per week, I'd estimate. Also that leakage tended to stop if I let the
> coolant drop about 0.5" below the normal level. My motto--"If you (and the
> vehicle) can endure it, don't fix it."

	I'd subscribe to that philosophy as well, except I don't trust the car not to
leave me stranded somewhere when it is freaking freezing and snowing out.

> Could also be a leak from our favorite part, the MFTS. A third source might
> be the aux pump (that's a good one to try and catch before it "lets go"
> completely.

	I should have added, MFTS just replaced, Aux. pump currently "bypassed" due to
an earlier failure.  Now I'm wondering if the coolant I saw and attributed to
the aux pump, might have been the same thing I'm seeing now?

	Loss is not dramatic, but enough that i noticed it pooling under the car.


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