Crankcase hose is schmutz

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Fri Jan 17 09:10:43 EST 2003


The hose, as you note, has three connection points.  The big end on the
block will probably be a gooey mess and break off as you try to remove it
(the goo practically glues it to the block fitting).  The other end is just
remove the clamps and it comes off---remove the WG heat shield, and you'll
have room to get to the small end of the breather hose as well as the
connections under the t-body (see next par).  The scrubber piece inside the
hose--copper spiral brush will be found on this end.  Reuse this as a new
one is not included with your new hose, though you could buy another one
from the dealer ("flame deflector plate" in ETKA)

The big challenge is the "T" in the middle, just under the throttle
body.  Get at it from the passenger side.   It clamps to a plastic coupler
("bleeder valve" in ETKA) and there's a lip in the [breather] hose holding
it to the plastic coupler.  Avoid working blind trying to get the coupler
around this lip by unclamping the bleeder valve at the next clamp up, which
goes into another hose.


At 01:15 AM 1/17/2003 , Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>I know the breather hose gets old but, jeez,
>I checked it today and where it passes over
>(and touches) one of the heater hoses, it has
>disolved onto that heater hose into a gooey mess.
>Yuk!  I could push my finger through it (probably
>not smart, though; duh).
>I've already got a replacement in my "spares" box,
>but what are the tips and cautions about changing
>it?  I recall to reuse the spark-arresting clump
>of whatever (copper?) that's in one of its three
>orifices (don't know which one, however).  Are
>there any other things I should know, including
>tips to access all three ends?
>I already looked on Chris' site but couldn't find
>Ukiah, CA
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