Crankcase hose is schmutz

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jan 17 15:02:58 EST 2003

At 9:10 AM -0800 1/17/03, Linus Toy wrote:
>The big challenge is the "T" in the middle, just under the throttle
>body.  Get at it from the passenger side.   It clamps to a plastic coupler
>("bleeder valve" in ETKA) and there's a lip in the [breather] hose holding
>it to the plastic coupler.  Avoid working blind trying to get the coupler
>around this lip by unclamping the bleeder valve at the next clamp up, which
>goes into another hose.

I'll take the liberty of adding a little something to underline the
importance of Linus's advice about the "challenge: part:

His comment about removing the _next_ clamp --on the other side of
the valve--should be taken to imply that you will be pre-inserting
(and clamping) that valve into your new breather hose _before_ it
gets installed. Forgive me if that seems obvious, but it's easy in
the heat of battle to forget that the objective is to avoid  having
to do that difficult insertion (around the "lip" that Linus
mentioned) after the hose/T has been put in its rather inaccessible
location under the throttle body.


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